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Catalogue Descriptions

There are currently two ATLASGAL source catalogues; these have been produced using the Gaussclumps and SExtractor source extraction algorithms, which have been optimised to be sensitive to different angular scale structures. GaussClumps is preferred for the properties of the embedded compact objects while SExtractor is considered better for retrieving the global properties of the clumps. A brief outline of each catalogue and reference is provided below:

  • Csengeri et al. (2014) - Gaussclumps: This catalogue is optimized for the parameters of small-scale embedded structures with background emission from molecular clouds removed. These structures correspond to cores in nearby- and clumps for the more distant regions. This is referred to as the GaussClump Source Catalogue (GCSC).
  • Contreras et al. (2013) & Urquhart et al. (2014) - SExtractor: The first reference provides a detailed description of the source extraction and presents a catalogue of the inner Galaxy (i.e., 330o < l < 21o) while the latter is a research note presenting the catalogue for the rest of the survey area (i.e., 280o < l < 330o and 21o < l < 60o). This catalogue is optimized for larger-scale clump and cloud structures. This is referred to as the Compact Source Catalogue (CSC).

To avoid confusion between the two catalogue we use different naming convensions: The CSC names are constructed from the position of the peak emission taken to three decimal places and prefixed by the letters 'AGAL', while the GCSC names are constructed from the central source position taken to 4 decimal places and prefixed by the letter 'G'. A comparison between the two catalogues is presented in Csengeri et al. (2014). You are able to select which catalogue you wish to use in the cone search below.

Cone Search

Source name or coordinates:
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Enter an ATLASGAL source name or coordinates and a search radius.

Example inputs: 18:14:24.42 -18:24:36.2 (J2000) or 12.403 -00.467 (gal)
or AGAL019.003+00.129 for the CSC or G019.0030+0.1290 for the GCSC

Advanced Search Facilities and Data Products

Reference and Acknowledgments

A detailed description of the ATLASGAL survey and overview of the results is given in Schuller et al. (2009, A&A, 504, 415) . Please reference this paper in any publication that makes use of ATLASGAL data.

In addition to the survey reference given above please use the appropriate catalogue reference in any publication as well as any additional references specific to any individual data sets used For the CSC please use Contreras et al. 2013, A&A, 549, 45 and for the GCSC please use Csengeri et al. 2014, A&A, 565, 75.

Please include the following acknowledgement in any publised material that makes use of this database or any of its data products:

The ATLASGAL project is a collaboration between the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, the European Southern Observatory (ESO) and the Universidad de Chile. It includes projects E-181.C-0885, E-078.F-9040(A), M-079.C-9501(A), M-081.C-9501(A) plus Chilean data.

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