ATLASGAL_2014 Database Search Page

Search Notes

This web page is designed to allow the ATLASGAL_2014 Compact Source Catalogue to be searched using a variety of physical parameters. This search page will be expanded as additional data from the various ongoing follow-up programmes become available.

Beside each physical quantity you will find a pull down menu with the following options ''='', ''<'', ''>'' and ''between'' followed by two fields in which to enter values. If using any of the first three options only enter a value in the first field, however, if using the ''between'' option a value must be entered in both fields, with the smallest number being entered in the first field.

Parameter Selection Options
ATLASGAL_2014 Observed Parameters
Peak Flux (Jy/beam)
Integrated Flux (Jy)
Angular Size ('')
Aspect Ratio
Galactic Positional Cuts
Galactic Long. Range
Galactic Lat. Range
Output Type
HTML Table CSV File


The parameters of the search are passed through the url and therefore if you bookmark the results page your search results will be preserved.

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